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All relationships between the Client and EnvioDinero are subject to the following Terms and Conditions.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for the provision of services for sending money to beneficiaries in Cuba through EnvioDinero by the person whose name and details appear in the service request that has been filled on the website EnvioDinero, hereinafter "Client and/or Customer".
The Client agrees to all terms and conditions set forth in order to use the services offered by EnvioDinero.
 Accepting a money transfer constitutes an affirmative demonstration of the Clients willingness to adhere to the terms and conditions set forth herein and only after having accepted these terms and conditions is that the Client can use the services we offer.


Customer/Client: Means any natural person who uses the services of this page to send money to a beneficiary in Cuba.
Beneficiary: means the person designated by the Client to receive the money sent by depositing in an account in his/her name thereto by EnvioDinero
The beneficiary may have the money deposited into his/her account using a debit card that is protected by a Personal Identification Number (PIN).
Remittances: is the money that the Client delivers to EnvioDinero to be deposited in the account of the Beneficiary associated with AIS debit card.

Customer Obligations

I. the Client must register at the website www.enviocuba.ca in order to send money to a Beneficiary in Cuba, providing Login and Password that will allow the Client to hereafter:
• Make an order for a Physical Remittance Card if the Beneficiary does not have with a Remittance Card already.
• Realize Remittance money transfers to an account/card in Cuba.
• Check all transactions that the customer has made and the state of these.

Disclosed are the following remittance transaction states

On Hold - Additional verification is required, in some cases the customer will be contacted by a representative of our company.
New - The transaction has been approved.
In Process - The transaction is in process but the money has not yet been deposited into the account of the beneficiary.
Ready For Pickup - The new requested card has arrived at the Pickup location (where applicable).
Funds Delivered - Money is now available in the beneficiary's account.
Cancelled - Issues have been identified with the transaction and it has been canceled.

II. The Customer can, after making a transaction, check the status of the same as explained in the previous clause, Clients may receive a voucher/receipt with all the details of the transaction.
III. In order for a Customer to make payments for remittance through the Internet, you must use the Verify by Visa or MasterCard Secure Code system. Otherwise you cannot make remittance money transfers using www.enviocuba.ca
The Verify by Visa and MasterCard Secure Code allows e-commerce shopping by entering a key called PIN, which has previously been supplied by the Issuing Bank Client Card
IV. The Customer agrees to pay EnvioDinero, commissions and fees for services as shown in the Web Site in Canadian Dollars currency and make the payment with a Visa/Mastercard credit card, which enables the beneficiary to receive the desired amount by the client in the local currency of the recipient country.
V. The Customer is prohibited from sending remittances on behalf of institutions.

Obligations EnvioDinero

VI. The client will receive as a debit to his/her bank account, the total amount agreed at the time of making the online payment in Canadian dollars after realizing the transaction with a Visa/Mastercard cards.
VII. EnvioDinero will credit the account of beneficiaries in Cuba within 24 business hours for regular service after customers have made payments over the Internet in www.enviocuba.ca. To this end, the Customer can check the credits made to Beneficiary accounts when the transaction is in Accepted status as explained in Section I of this contract. The conditions for the Express Service are explained the section VIII.
VIII. EnvioDinero may not credit the account of the beneficiaries in the time stated in the preceding sentence for any of the following reasons:

• The instructions given through the web page present some type of error or incomplete data has been given and it does not allow EnvioDinero to provide the service requested by the Customer.
In such cases EnvioDinero will send notice to the Customer via email that the Customer has not provided proper information and give the Client a period of 15 days to provide proper or necessary information. After the stipulated time, EnvioDinero will return to the Client the amount of money sent less expenditure procedures.
• The Beneficiary in Cuba has declared a Lost or Stolen card. To this end EnvioDinero will credit the beneficiary's account when the latter has received the new replacement card personally as before.
• The Beneficiary, to which the client requested to make a card for as explained in clause VIII, he/she has not picked up the card at the EnvioDinero offices. For security purposes EnvioDinero will credit the Beneficiary's account immediately after the Beneficiary collects the card personally.
IX. EnvioDinero’s service to the Customer/Client ends once the Beneficiaries account has been credited, which will enable the Beneficiary to use the card to make transactions for purchase of goods or services and cash extractions.

Express Service

X. As long as Client account is in good standing he/she may uses the Express service.
● If the Client are sending more than $999.99CAD the transfer will be subject to screening and further verification per the laws of Fintrac in Canada. If however, he/she has sent more than $999.99 CAD in the last 45 days with our service, EnvioDinero, then he/she should have no problem and the transfer will be deposited between 1-2 hours.
To qualify for Express service, the client must has successfully used and passed our Instant Deposit Account Validation, and pass our Account Security and Transaction Review Process. This review and process is done internally in our offices and we reserve the right to cancel or disapprove a transfer made from any of our clients and accounts related therein.
Delivery time is based on a qualified transaction that has been approved and released by our Fraud and Account Security Process.
If the transaction does not qualify for Express, we will convert the transaction to Regular. The client will receive an email if the transaction has been switched to Regular with the new (lower) fee, we will also provide you with an opportunity to cancel if he/she no longer want the transfer to go through our service, EnvioDinero. If he/she do nothing, the transfer will be released in the Regular Service transfer time.
● Enviodinero.ca intends to deposits all transfers made with the Express service between the hours of 9:00 to 13:00 between 1 and 2 hours.
● If a client makes a transfer with the Express service after 13:00. This deposit will be done before 11:00 the next business day. If this day happens to be a Friday, then deposit will be done the following Monday.
If you cancel your transfer, a refund will take between 1-2 business days. Business days are Monday-Friday and do not include Weekends, Holidays, Partner Banking holidays in the destination country or EnvioDinero country of operation. Please note that you may lose your fee because the banking institution and EnvioDinero have rendered the service of the transfer and after this action, the remitter decides to cancel the transfer. In this cases enviodinero.ca and its banking partners will claim the fee as they both rendered the service.
While it is our intent to process transactions as quickly as possible, we keep the security a top priority. Certain transactions may be held for review and verification by our Account Security team. Speed of money transfer service is subject to many factors, including:
● Approval by the Express account security team and our anti-fraud verification systems.
● Funds availability from the Sender's checking, credit or debit card account.
● Banking hours and banking system availability (weekends, holidays, etc.) in the recipient country.
● Receiving agent hours of operation, and accuracy of Recipient payout information.
Enviodinero.ca works diligently and persistently to guarantee deposits of the transfer within the stipulated time mentioned above for Regular and Express Transfers. However, due to unforeseen circumstances our clients transfer may not be deposited. These circumstances include but are not limited to; natural disasters in place of deposit, banking holidays, country of deposit holidays, closure of account (AIS Card) in the place of deposit, etc.

Identity validation for USA and Canadian customers

XI. Only for USA and Canada clients and for their own protection www.EnvioDinero.com will request an identity authentication to Equifax / TransUnion / Experian by comparing the personal information provided by you to www.EnvioDinero.com to the personal information maintained in your consumer file. EQUIFAX USA / EQUIFAX CANADA will place a soft enquire on the customer file indicating that such file was accessed in connection with a request by EnvioDinero (including the date of access) . This is not a request for a credit report and will not count as such. The verification of identity usually is requested only the first time you access our system, unless after a while you change your customer profile, in that case we might request the identity authentication again.

Other Customer Services

XII. For the purpose of being able to process payments to Beneficiaries, the Customer/Client using the website can ask to be given a physical card to the person (Beneficiary) to which the remittance transfer is being made to, and proceeded to fill the forms provided on the website for this purpose. Meanwhile EnvioDinero, will provide the Customer with a Debit Card Number. The plastic manufactured card will be given to the Beneficiary in EnvioDinero Offices, and through which (card number), Customer/Client, can use later for further remittance to the beneficiary.

Dispute Solutions

XII. Client/customer acknowledges that the way to make or receive any communication or dispute is the email address that EnvioDinero has provided in their website. The Customer/Client is obliged to notify in writing EnvioDinero any changes in their email address. EnvioDinero meanwhile will have an e-mail address available for Customer/Clients to handle queries or any clarification and / or claim.
XIV. In accordance with the described in the preceding clause, the Customer/Client can make a claim for disagreements in their transactions with the Card Issuing Bank that made the transaction online. EnvioDinero in turn will provide the necessary documentation to show that the service was met and delivered and if the service is not fully or partially complied with, EnvioDinero will act correctly to resolve the dispute.
XV. The relationship between the Customer/Client and EnvioDinero regarding transactions by money sent to beneficiaries shall be governed by the law of the country concerned, as the origin of the Customer/Client card used for the transaction, and the parties shall submit to the jurisdiction of the appropriate courts of that country.
XVI. Relations between the Beneficiaries and EnvioDinero are subject to the laws of the country where the money is delivered.


XVII. The Client/Customer agrees to use EnvioDinero website at their own risk and when it is available. When you click to confirm and make payment within EnvioDinero website, the Client/Customer may be redirected to other Web sites, of which we are not responsible for, and may help in rendering the benefits or services provided for the transaction over the Internet.
XVIII. EnvioDinero is not responsible for the misuse of the Web Site, or the misuse of an International Card or if the Client uses a card by unauthorized persons or improperly sent money to the wrong people, that may harm the Client or other people in the reliability of the information required to transact with international credit cards, regardless of who we notified of any damage.

 Other Conditions

 XIX. EnvioDinero reserves the right to make any changes, including rate changes and new offers to its web page without notice.
 XIX. For Customers resident or citizen of the USA.
• In compliance with the authorization at §515.570 of the Cuban Assets Control Regulations (the “CACR”), in the event that any of the true originators of the Remittance is an individual resident or citizen of the United States, or an individual who is currently in the United States, any such individual is of adult age.
• In compliance with the authorization at §515.570 of the CACR, in the event that any of the true originators of the Remittance is a person subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, such person’s portion of the Remittance is either:
  (a) Donative (a gift, not a payment), or
  (b) To support a close relative of such person
• In compliance with the authorization at §515.570 of the CACR, in the event that any of the true originators is a person subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, in view of the results of the Screening, the ultimate beneficiary of such person’s portion of the Remittance is neither a prohibited official of the Cuban government nor a prohibited member of the Communist party.
These regulation are issued by the Cuban Assets Control Regulations (the “CACR”), and out our control, they going to be updated from time to time based on CACR publications.

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